Great Podcasts for Business Students

Technology has gone far ahead and it has impacted learning in myriad ways. Podcasting is one such medium that has come into the forefront and influenced business students to gain expertise and absorb themselves in the business world.

Podcasting can be used by budding entrepreneurs to grow their business as it can invite a new audience and also more clients and sales. It is also a remarkable tool for business students to review course materials outside a classroom, motivate them to think like business leaders they aspire to be.

Here are few popular podcasts that business students can check out!

The Tim Ferris Show

Ranked as number 1 on apple podcasts, the main idea of The Tim Ferris Show is to move ahead in the rat race by creating a balance with the other aspects of life. His principle is evident in his bestselling piece of work “The 4-Hour Workweek” where he transformed our whole approach to work. His podcast also motivates you to come out of the age-old business trends and grasp new ways to succeed in your line of business. Each episode on the show explores the path that a business leader follows and carries it forward into present business lessons.   Listen

The $100 MBA Show

The $100 MBA Show is more of a virtual class providing lessons to anyone, be it business students or budding entrepreneurs, who are interested in gaining business knowledge. The show avoids using any kind of idioms or discussing the complex details of a business and just keeps its focus fixed i.e. providing business-related lessons.   Listen

TED Talks Business

One of the most popular and engaging talk shows is TED Talks that engrosses learners in every way possible. The topics covered in TED Talks business are varied and enlightens everyone on the details of starting a business to growing a multinational conglomerate. Each one of the individuals listening can learn something from the show be it improving your communication skills in a workplace, joining a rival organization, or asking for a salary hike.   Listen

Ask a Manager Podcast

For ages, the Ask a Manager Advice column has been struggling with the nuances of a mundane and unaccommodating workplace. From unreasonable managers, disturbing work environment to unethical workplace habits, the column has faced it all. The podcast has extended the column and has come up with discussions on handling such challenging questions in a funny yet convenient manner. The comment section is flooded with the learnings and insights of a community of business specialists and experts.   Listen

Faith Driven Entrepreneur

If you are looking for all business and faith-related things under one roof, The Faith Driven Entrepreneur is the perfect choice. The show imparts lessons on managing clashes between business and personal ethics and also provides teachings on how faith can help in growing a business. The podcasts also include insights from faithful business leaders like Veggietales founder Phil Vischer and Naturesweet entrepreneur Bryan Ambelang.   Listen

Theology of Business

If you value your morals just like your business, then this podcast is the one you must choose to listen to. Theology of Business throws light on the Biblical principles that one can follow to grow their business, religious concerns that one might have to face in business, and much more. For a deep dive into the realities of the business world, this podcast can be enriching for both aspiring business owners and business students.   Listen

How of Business

If you are embarking on a journey to start and grow your small business, then The How of Business is the podcast you must definitely follow. Apart from addition to course materials, enhancing your knowledge of real-world case studies, it is a great accessory for MBA students to understand the principles you learned in class. In spite of a simple, 101-style introduction to business, this podcast does not fail to focus on the challenges and hardships of owning a business.   Listen

Freakonomics Radio

Has it ever crossed your mind why business success is so easily available to some and hard for others to achieve? Do your informal observations reflect a larger trend? Can your name affect your career? The answer to all these questions can be given by the co-author of the bestseller Freakonomics, Stephen J. Dubner on his podcast Freakonomics Radio. The show discusses in detail the effect of human behaviour on business and everything else. From how the COVID-19 pandemic has hit your business, the outcome of your parents’ career advice to your health affecting your career, the show covers it all.   Listen

The Redemptive Edge

Success in business is hard-earned. Even after repetitive failures, one cannot give up and keep on trying. The idea you can find in this podcast is quite similar to that of Christian faith. The Redemptive Edge brings entrepreneurs together to share their experiences about success, and failure in business and the faith and sacrifice one has to hold onto to yield results.   Listen

The Ezra Klein Show

Business today is not limited to just balance sheets and closing deals. Business leaders are expected to possess great social skills to make connections with their fellow mates. The Ezra Klein Show is a mix of everything happening in the world, not even barring political trends that might shape your business. The show boosts up your confidence, teaches you elements of starting a conversation, and also keeps you entertained with fun facts. The show has the potential to engage even those who aren’t studying business and can be a great topic of discussion for family road trips or even date nights.   Listen

HBR IdeaCast

The Harvard Business Review is one of the best podcast series one can listen to. The show is very enriching and will educate you in every aspect be it politics or principles to follow for running your business. The show hosts an expert guest in each of the episodes and provides book recommendations. The show creates a learning environment that takes listeners to a world of unknown business standards.   Listen


Knowledge@Wharton will fulfill all your wishes to analyze every business trend by an expert. You can hear every podcast episode introducing a professor at Wharton or any other business expert analyzing the aftermath of changing political winds, legal regulations, market swings along with other unpredictable twists of the business world.   Listen

Exchanges at Goldman Sachs

Exchanges at Goldman Sachs is a popular podcast series providing insights from experts since 2015 and solving your queries whatever they might be. The episodes are dedicated to everything imaginable starting from Bitcoins, medical devices to virtual reality. The podcast attracts a wide range of audiences, even individuals from different fields.   Listen

The McKinsey Podcast

The prime objective of McKinsey is to carve the world of business, both domestically and internationally. The McKinsey Podcast educates your mind on international business trends as well as the prospective future of de-dollarization. If you combine this podcast with The $100 MBA Podcast, you will get unexpected results where McKinsey discusses the concepts with more technical depth.   Listen