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27th September 2021

An Interactive edWebinar On Social Emotional Learning for Young Learners

East Bridge College has recently conducted an insightful webinar on Social Emotional Learning for Young Learners on 25th September 2021. Presented by the expert trainer David Bourke conducted the session extremely well and participants from all across the world were benefited from the webinar. This webinar shared various examples of how social and emotional education can not only progress the academic environment for students but also for life beyond the classroom.

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24th September 2021

East Bridge College Mission: Make Affordable & Faster Degrees for Working Professionals

East Bridge College has introduced faster degrees with Master Track Certificates for busy working adults. With a mission to deliver life-long learning in business dynamics, EBC offers the world famous Alumni status of European International University.

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14th September 2021

On-Demand Webinar On Behavioral Counselling - Organized By East Bridge College

East Bridge College has recently organized an international webinar on Behavioral Counselling. The webinar was conducted on 10th September 2021 and the session was led by Doctor Mala (Dasgupta) Sengupta. By understanding the significance of Behavioral Counselling, the speaker addressed all the essential aspects of the subject-matter.

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8th September 2021

East Bridge College Organized A Webinar On Issues in Teacher Development and Managing Innovations

East Bridge College has recently organized a successful webinar on different issues in teacher development and management innovations in schools on the 5th September 2021. Eminent trainers of the webinar were Ms. Kuhurina Basu & Dr. Margaret Davitt Maughan. Participants from across the globe enjoyed the constructive webinar quite a lot.

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6th September 2021

East Bridge College Is Expanding Their Global Footprint In India

East Bridge College, the global leader in online accelerated degree programs expands its footprint in India with globally recognized teacher training institute Asian College of Teachers, an iconic brand. As part of the collaboration, East Bridge College delivers world class international online accelerated degree programs.

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2nd September 2021

East Bridge College Announces Flexible Learning Options For Busy Working Adults

East Bridge College recently launched convenient flexible learning options for working professionals. Everything at EBC is designed with working adults, their hectic schedule and finishing their dream degree in mind.

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