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East Bridge University Welcomes Asst Prof Dr Karl S Meneghella as Associate Dean of Academics

1st April 2024

East Bridge University is thrilled to announce the appointment of Asst. Prof. Dr. Karl S Meneghella as the Associate Dean of Academics, bringing a wealth of experience and passion for student-centered learning.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Karl S Meneghella is a dynamic educator renowned for fostering engaging learning environments across multiple countries, including Australia, Singapore, Thailand, the USA, and the UK. His leadership as a Principal in Western Australia led to prestigious nominations in education.

Embracing challenges, Karl ventured into international teaching, excelling in the International Baccalaureate Program at KIS International School in Bangkok. His commitment to continuous improvement is exemplified through his Level 4 Coaching certificate, transforming him into a certified executive coach adept at guiding career objectives.

Karl's expertise extends beyond teaching, having served as a consultant and inspector with ASIC before assuming a senior management role with the International Education Accreditation Council (IEAC).

Driven by a belief in differentiated instruction and meaningful student relationships, Karl is poised to lead as the Associate Dean of Academics at East Bridge University. His dedication to fostering innovation and continuous improvement promises to empower faculty and students alike, propelling academic excellence to new heights.

In welcoming Asst. Prof. Dr. Karl S Meneghella as the Associate Dean of Academics, East Bridge University extends a warm embrace, recognizing his invaluable expertise and unwavering commitment to student success.