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East Bridge College Successfully Conducts and Celebrates Flawless Online Defence Presented by Doctorate Program Participants

31st May 2023

East Bridge College successfully executed an Online Defense session on May 20th, 2023 in order to highlight the remarkable academic achievements through this virtual platform. An online defense is an integral part of completing a Professional Doctorate program as it serves as the culmination of academic pursuit. An online defence serves as a virtual platform where candidates present and defend their research thesis or dissertation on their doctorate program. Through the Online Defense, candidates can showcase their dexterity and knowledge of their field while showcasing their ability to contribute knowledge in their respective professional domains at an advanced level.

The following individuals have achieved significant milestones in their respective fields:

  • Mr. Prasun Kumar Choudhary, the Managing Director at Ozonead Group of Companies in New Delhi, completed the Online Defense for his Professional Doctorate in Business Administration. This accomplishment establishes his dedication to broaden his knowledge fueled by continuous learning in the field.
  • Mr. Abin Babu from Dubai successfully completed the Online Defense for his Professional Doctorate in Advertising, exhibiting his dedication to excel in the dynamic field of advertising and marketing.
  • Mr. Kaaushik Vardhan from Malaysia completed the Online Defense for his Professional Doctorate in Business Management, signifying his ability to tackle complex business dilemmas
  • Lastly, Ms. Mitali Roy, an exemplary professional trainer with more than 32 years of experience in various corporate completed the Online Defense for her Professional Doctorate in Learning and Development. Her achievement highlights her commitment to improve professional development and training methodologies.

These individuals' accomplishments demonstrate the effectiveness and flexibility of online education, enabling learners to excel in their respective fields while overcoming geographical barriers.

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